Synopsis for my new screenplay


After a month of trying to figure out what kind of story I can come up with based on comas and comedy, I have managed to create a good storyline for a screenplay I’m working on called Comaworld.


Although it’s not finished, I have had it copyrighted so sorry if you’re a producer and you’re about to read the following synopsis and planning on stealing it- bad luck.

Here is the rough storyline but no spoilers:

Craig, an 18 year old, sixth former finds himself in a coma after being hit by a car whilst trying to catch a bus he was late for. He finds he can exit his body whilst in the coma and essentially be invisible. For him this means he can do whatever he pleases. While using his situation to his advantage by pranking, cheating and stealing he notices that some people are able to see him. After realising that he is stuck in a world for people in comas, he befriends a group of people who save his life. He notices that every so often, members of the group disappear. He overhears a conversation between his parents and is doctor talking about how they are going to turn his machine off. He must find a way to wake himself up or face being sent to ghostworld, a world which he will rot if he doesn’t wake up.

The idea of a coma world first began when I was walking home with my best mate and we were talking about how cool it would be if when you were in a coma you could hear everything going on around you. This then led to us debating about how scary and frustrating it would be to then hear you’re parents talk about turning your life support machine off.

Since that conversation I tried to come up with unique ideas to form a feasible storyline that has those two main points in them. And so Comaworld was born.

Please feel free to comment with feedback or judgement. Follow also. Thank you.


15 year old screenwriter!

Hey I’m Mark. I’m 15 and I have a passion for film/tv and music. I have had this passion for a while now. When I was young and innocent and unaware of the rights and wrongs of directing and creating films I was at ease when making tv shows and movies with my sister and her dolls. The innocence of not knowing whether you’re doing something right or wrong can bring out the real inner talent in you when you don’t even realise it. It just comes naturally to you because it is your talent and purpose.

I have wrote my first official short screenplay which won a competition and will finish being made into a film next year in march. The short is called ‘A Friend In-Greed’ and covers fake friends and trust, especially when it comes to whether money can really destroy friendships.

I myself as a generally ‘liked’ kid find that my school friends are very fake and used to bring me down so much without even realising it. The tragic thing is they are completely directionless. They have no idea what they want to be or do. I might sound arrogant to some of you who choose to read this, but I am very lucky to have found my purpose for my life and to already be working hard to make sure I become exactly who I want to become, a screenwriter, director.

I would of put ‘rapper’ down but I really don’t see myself rapping. I would love to as I have wrote numerous raps and made beats on my laptop but the whole loud, obnoxious and confident look of a rapper I don’t have. I don’t tell my friends about my rapping because its just not the correct time to mention that. I’m currently working on a mix tape and writing the songs but I’m saving.up to by the recording equipment.

Daily, I will be blogging about my day and my work. I will upload the screenplay ‘A Friend In-Greed ‘ and any other scripts I produce after that. I will keep you up to date with my life and my problems, my ups and my downs. Even my eBay business which I make around 300 pounds a month.

So please FOLOW ME for laughs, raps, scripts, music, reviews of music and film and basic, daily life blogs. Thankyou.

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